field recordings

Started in 2011, GemsOnVHS is an ongoing archive/collection of folk music that focuses on acoustic, unplugged and off-stage performance videos by a variety of musicians. We have a love for authentic songwriting, passionate people and weird stuff. Millions of views on YouTube and years down the line, there’s no signs of slowing down. If you’re interested in being featured, feel free to drop us an email. These are done at our leisure though, so publicists beware.*

“I’m not one to contemplate on fate,” Anthony Simpkins says with a grin. It’s a cool night in April and Simpkins is sitting outside the American Legion Post 82 in East Nashville, Tennessee, and grinning at how folksy he sounds describing the unlikely path his life has taken. At 25, he has no college degree, no insider or family connections, and, until a few years ago, a work history heavy on restaurant jobs after a brief adolescent foray into psychedelic-mushroom sales earned him six years probation. Despite — or maybe because of — all that, he’s built an influential music platform on Youtube with a large, loyal following, and a rare power to connect independent musicians to a national audience. (click here for full article)

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